Помогите, пожалуйста, в представленном тексте найти стилистические средства, какие только возможны:

Even kerosene was a quite unnecessary concession to modernity, for grandmother made tallow candles in her own cadle mold, inherited from her grandmother. And if candles failed, there was still the old schmutz amschel (grease lamp) made in the farm smithy, as were so many things, including copper pots and utensils. On some farms which had clay, even earthen pots and crocks for diary use and poi schuessel (earthen pie plates) were baked.

(J.G. Frederick)

Нашла здесь только олицетворение (earthen pots and crocks...and poi schuessel were baked), и "подобие" пана (candles in cadle mold).