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всем доброй ночи!
помогите плиз с английским аудированием. в упор не могу расслышать несколько слов (( уровень записи примерно upper-intermediate

2009-11-05 в 02:34 

А где запись-то? Выкладывай и давай ссылку.

2009-11-05 в 08:58 

Fille Soleil
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нужен 1й, 2й, 4й и 5й отрывки. под морем то, что услышала я

Tчитать дальше

2009-11-06 в 03:12 

То, что мне удалось услышать (я поисправляла не только, где были вопросы, и в пятом еще слова пропущенные, но, честно говоря, не все разобрала):

1. You can’t fail but be impressed by ?Maculain’s? latest achievement. At the international stadium last night he managed to ?shape? one tenth of a second of his fastest time yet. I mean not only just this man already hold 3 gold medals, but last month he was voted sport’s personality of a year and presented with a handsome check as one of the splendid cup and he gets to keep it for the year ahead. You’ve thought that the things couldn’t have got any better for him, but he’s proved all of us wrong.

2. Can you lend me that recipe you promised? Which one?? The one for the orange and carrot soup that we had last night? No, I know how to make that. It’s quiet straight forward. It's the dish we have at Mike’s party, it was delicious, do you remember? It had potatoes, peppers and onions in it. And we ate it cold with bread. I thought I’d make it and take it with us when we are walking this week-end, we always take a ?part-lunch?. And I thought it would be really nice with some salad. And not too heavy to carry

4. I’m amazed a number of people he ?turn upon the first day. And it’s absolutely nothing about the places they are going to see. I mean when you think of all the travel programs on TV and radio, the information on the Internet. All the travel-writers who fill columns in the newspapers and magazines throughout the year. These people must have seen a brochure when they booked their holiday surely! They sit their in the coach and this permit to tell them everything that they need to know.

5. So why at the end I went up to him to ask him a question and he says: Where were you last lesson? and I say: “I was here!“. He gave me back my essay, so we looked a bit embarrassed at that. And I say I need some extra help before the exams, because I missed quite a lot, when was ill last month. And he says he is too busy to fitting more lessons. All after… ?ask one of the other students … But I’m not going to. It’s his job, and I’m not going to take an exam which I know I’m not ready for. So that’s it. I’m not going again. I’ll take the exam next year instead.

2009-11-06 в 11:00 

Fille Soleil
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спасибо большущее ))
надеюсь, мы хоть что-то услышали верно ))

2009-11-07 в 01:26 

Пожалуйста) Да не "что-то", а процентов 85 - точняк! То, что я исправила, я наверняка услышала, а не на вскидку.

2009-11-07 в 02:30 

Fille Soleil
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потом расскажу о результатах ))


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